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How Black Holes Shape Globular Clusters

Physical Sciences


Numerical simulations have shown that black holes (BHs) have significant influence on the evolution of globular clusters (GCs), and therefore shape their observational features. Recently, a BH-main sequence star (MS) binary system has been observed in the Milky Way GC NGC 3201. Our group uses Cluster Monte Carlo (CMC) code to construct models that match NGC 3201. We predict that NGC 3201 contains more than 200 BHs. Similar systems to the observed BH-MS binary can be produced naturally in our models. Furthermore, we predict that BH-blue straggler star binaries are unique to core-collapse clusters. Our models also show that populations of neutron star X-ray binary are anti-correlated to the populations of BH.

Shi Ye, et al.

Physics and Astronomy

April, 2018

DOI: 10.21985/N20Q5N