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Cubine, a Two-Dimensional Copper–Bismuth Nanosheet

Cubine, a Two-Dimensional Copper–Bismuth Nanosheet



Using ab initio calculations, we discovered a quasi two-dimensional copper–bismuth nano sheet, which we call cubine. According to our predictions, single layers of cubine can be isolated from the recently reported high-pressure CuBi bulk material at an extremely low energetic cost, comparable to values to separate single layers of graphene from graphite. Our calculations suggest that cubine has remarkable electronic and electrochemical properties: It is a superconductor with a moderate electron–phonon coupling λ = 0.5, leading to Tc ≈ 1 K, and can be readily intercalated with lithium with a high diffusibility, rendering it a promising candidate material to boost the rate capacity of current electrodes in lithium-ion batteries.


We discovered that single layers of copper-bismuth nano sheets, called Cubine, could be exfoliated from bulk CuBi. This 2D material has remarkable properties and can be readily intercalated with lithium (green spheres), making it a promising candidate as an anode in lithium-ion batteries.

Maximilian Amsler

Materials Science and Engineering

April, 2018

DOI: 10.21985/N2Q70F