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The Interactive Universe of Gender: Using Prezis for Health Education and Engagement

Life Sciences


Over half of millennials believe gender is a spectrum, yet our models remain stuck in binary logic. As health researchers and practitioners, we can create schematics that provide information, connect concepts, and actively engage youth in their own health, on their terms. We created an interactive map as a visual way to connect complex concepts of gender and sexual health through inclusive education that builds an understanding of self and others. The Gender Identity Map uses technology-enhanced learning and visual literacy principles to explore a new framework of gender. The Map incorporates concepts from Biology (chromosomes, intersex), Psychology, History, and Art in a visual and interactive journey to ‘translate’ the complicated language of gender and science into more accessible and active formats for health education delivery.


Gender is complicated. But that’s okay! This interactive graphic goes “beyond the binary,” with a constellation of over 40 gender identities, definitions, & images. Instead of Man vs. Woman, we use Masculine, Feminine, Both, and Neither to describe the gender spectrum.

Antonia J. Clifford


April, 2018