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TypeShift: A User Interface for Visualizing the Typing Process

TypeShift: A User Interface for Visualizing the Typing Process

Social Sciences


Typing is a complex process which draws on both cognitive and motor skills. By visualizing holistic trends in the typing process, TypeShift aims to elucidate the often-noisy information signals that are used to represent typing patterns. The importance of a tool such as TypeShift is that it can help answer the question, “What kind of typing session is being produced?” The typist session can be compared to other typing sessions, and aspects of the session itself, e.g. revisions and pauses, can be evaluated. Language production is both a stream of flowing words, as well as a series of separate word tokens. By allowing a user to capture both the holistic process as a single linear progression, as well as highlighting individual characteristics of each particular token, the tool can help a user understand both aspects.


The interface displays a typing session using a line of points, and allows for within-session filtering and comparison to other typing sessions.

Adam Goodkind


April, 2018

DOI: 10.21985/N2M99M

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